Aquaforest Amino Mix


  • Essential for marine aquarium
  • Provides one of the main source of energy to corals and filter feeders
  • Accelerates metabolism, aids growth as well as vitality


Supplement containing concentrated amino acids crucial for corals’ healthy growth. Usage of strong skimmers in marine aquariums frequently leads to amino acids deficiencies and water sterilization. The low content of nutrients causes reduced pale coloring and even bleaching of corals. AF Amino Mix completes water with all the necessary amino acids, thus prevents corals from bleaching and boosts their colors. The unique composition of AF Amino Mix is based, among others, on biotin, alanine, glutamine, leucine, lysine and serine. Carefully selected set of amino acids increases the amount of zooxanthellae which support the production of photosynthetic pigments such as chlorophyll. Thus, Amino Mix not only boosts coloration, but also improves the quality of photosynthesis. As a result corals derive more energy from the light, stay in perfect condition and grow faster. Regular use of AF Amino Mix improves immunity and noticeably accelerates corals’ growth.

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10ML, 50ML


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