Aquarium Stainless Steel Shrimp and Small Fish Guard Mesh Filter


  • stainless steel
  • Fish Shrimp Safe


Metal filter tube are great for aquarium fish tank, to promote gas exchange and increase dissolved oxygen levels. Great for tropical fish farms, koi ponds, waste water systems, cooling towers, and other commercial and industrial systems.For use with wet/dry filters (here is not included), to improve biological filtration. Description: Brand new & nice quality An attractive way to make your aquarium shrimp fish safe Tiny animals like most freshwater shrimp, invertebrates, as well as small fish and fry are at risk of being sucked into the large slots on most standard intake strainers When cleaning is required, simply brush any accumulated debris off of the filter guard with your hand or a soft brush of some sort like a tooth brush Note: Stainless Steel Filter Guards fit over the filter’s intake pipe, not over the strainer. If your filter has an integrated strainer, these Filter Guards will not work without modification.

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Size (Upto)

12mm, 16mm


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