Captain Zack Excuse Me, Fleas Dog Shampoo, 200 ml


  • Natural actives, essential oils, no harmful chemicals, no artificial fragrance, vegan
  • Pet defence against ticks and fleas: antimicrobial dog shampoo for ticks and fleas that eliminates fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, and lice while guarding against skin infection and itchiness while moisturising and conditioning
  • Natural actives/essential oils: we have used plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and natural extracts of vitamin e along with certified natural essential oils of citronella and lemongrass oil
  • Less foaming, gentle ingredients, effective cleansing
  • Anti-irritant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic
  • Paraben free dog shampoo
  • No harmful chemicals and no artificial fragrance

  • Ph neutralised – ideal for dogs
  • For best results, do not dilute the shampoo
  • Usage: gently massage shampoo into the coat to form a rich creamy lather; Pay special attention to avoid eyes; Rinse thoroughly; use regularly to maintain a healthy coat

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‘Excuse me Fleas!’ has extracts of Citronella and Lemongrass which are natural repellents for tick and fleas while the soothing properties of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E heals and relaxes various skin irritations related to your doggo.

Captain Zack

Captain Zack is a pet brand working meticulously toward carving our own niche in the pet industry. Our range of pet care products are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients, essences & oils. Captain Zack is the go-to product for a happy, healthy & fun loving puppy or dog depending on the variant being used by the pet-parent and is synonymous with all things positive when thinking for your pupper or doggo. To suit the wide ranging needs of every dog & pup Captain Zack offers 4 variants of Shampoos that work overtime to do what their specific function is, whilst moisturizing the coat.

Paraben Free

Parabens are chemicals used in shampoo to extend the shelf life and create that lather we all think is necessary to get our dogs’ coat clean. Parabens have been linked to certain allergic reactions in dogs.


Fragrance Free

All our shampoos are paraben free, devoid of any artificial fragrances and have natural active ingredients for best sanitation possible.


100% Vegan

Looking for cruelty-free vegan shampoo ? Fret not! Our shampoos tame your dog’s coat and leave hi/her fur more manageable—without requiring cruel tests on animals.



Citronella comes from the lemongrass family which is why it smell so bright and is effective on fleas, ticks and all types of mosquitoes. Not only is it very effective against ticks and mites, but citronella oil has no side effects, and is considered very safe.


Lemongrass Oil can strengthen your pets hair follicles and helps if your pet is struggling with hair loss and itchiness. It’s soothing and bacteria-killing properties will leave your pets coat shiny fresh and odour-free.


About the Startup

Mohit Lalvani, Founder – Capt. Zack

Mohit Lalvani is serial entrepreneur and his ventures are focussed on solving problems in the beauty & personal care industry. More than two decades ago, he founded India’s first value added beauty care specialities distribution business, which he successfully sold to an American MNC in 2015. Mohit brings nearly two decades of experience in sourcing ingredients from the best in class global manufacturers and creating formulations that exactly meet market needs.  Mohit and his wife Mumtaz often like to unwind with some malts and wine, which they collect from across the world. They have 8 children – a son and a daughter, Zack and five cats.

Describe your products in three words.

Functional, Safe & Experience

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

A good shampoo gives as much joy to the pet parent as it does to the dog itself. Being a pet parent and from the cosmetic/skincare industry myself I noticed an absence of a dog shampoo that was truly effective against common problems such as itchy skin and even flea & tick infestations. At Captain Zack we believe in giving the best to our pets in terms of quality and functionality and this was the basic intention behind the idea. We take pet care as a responsibility and wish to keep growing in this endeavour.

What makes your product special?

Each of our variants have been made to tackle common grooming problems faced by your pets. Infused with natural essential oils, our products have been formulated with a specific “pH level” in mind. A doggo’s skin pH is more neutral than a human’s and the kind of shampoo you use on your doggo should be much more neutral in pH. We want to change the way people look at grooming their doggo’s and take these details into consideration. We are here to listen to what the pet parents to say and give them what they deserve. The perfect bath time gift for your special four-legged friend.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Seeing happier dogs and equally happier pet parents has been the best experience so far. We have also won the Best Debut Award at PetFed Delhi 2017 this year and hope there are many more to come.

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