Chaning 316 Pure Stainless Steel Ultra-Short Heating Rod Aquarium Heater CN-388


Chaning 316 Pure Aquarium Heater

  • Stainless steel heater
  • Water proof
  • Fast heating
  • Utra short heating rod
  • forced oxygen supply


Many farmers were sentenced to death when buying fish or grass. How to say? Of course, since many farmers lack aquarium knowledge, they don’t know who to ask. In fact, keeping fish is easy, as long as you have someWith the basics of aquarium equipment , anyone can successfully keep fish. under,Professional aquarium equipment manufacturers give you a brief introduction.

How to judge the lack of oxygen in the fish tank:

In short, as soon as you see fish floating (the fish are constantly floating on the surface), it is already severe hypoxia. Of course, the temperature rises or the carbon dioxide concentration is too high. If the pH is too high, toxic ammonia can be produced, leading to a lack of oxygen.

There are also some human factors that can cause hypoxia

  1. Feeding too many creatures
  2. The fan is damaged
  3. Filter gas not activated
  4. Feed
  5. Heater temperature setting is too high
  6. Substance abuse
  7. Exposure to the sun without protection

This may lead to hypoxia in the aquarium, which is also a problem we should pay attention to when feeding.

When we can’t see the presence of hypoxia with the naked eye, another magic weapon is the use of oxygen detectors. Aquariums often sell large quantities of the test reagent “O2”, a reagent used to learn about dissolved oxygen. In the description of the test reagent, you can get a clear idea of ​​what the tank should be worth until it returns to normal. In a few minutes, you will know the dissolved oxygen in your aquarium. testing time:

  1. Add a lot of fish
  2. The filtered gas has not been cleaned for a long time
  3. When the temperature rises
  4. More fish died
  5. After using the heater for 6 hours
  6. When the fish floats
  7. Under normal circumstances, aquatic plants cannot photosynthesize

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What to do when the fish tank is not enough?

  1. Mechanical aeration. Air and submersible pumps are forced to oxygenate. Air pump forced oxygen supply is our main oxygen supply method.
  2. Biological oxidation. Adding biological quick-acting oxygenates to the fish tank, mainly for hypoxia first aid, such as D-max long-acting oxygen-enhancing antidote or quick-acting oxygenating agent, etc., can make the dissolved oxygen in the water reach the standard content (5ml/L) in a short time. ), rapidly improves hypoxia, detoxifies and nourishes water, and releases oxygen continuously for a long time.
  3. Change the water and increase the oxygen. The dissolved oxygen content can be increased by replacing the new water, and the dissolved oxygen content can be increased by the water flow in a certain process and reducing the water exchange process.
Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

MODEL CN-388 CN-388 CN-388 CN-388 CN-388
TANK CAPACITY 50-100L 100-150L 150-200L 200-300L 300-400L
WATER VOLUME  45-66gai  66-90gai 91-110gai 111-130gai 130-150gai
WATT 50W 100W 200W 300W 500W
LENGTH 260m 260m 260m 300m 300m

Additional information

Size (Upto)

100w, 200w, 300w

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