Chaning AC/DC Aquarium Oxygen Air Pump 8w Output 5L/Min CN-6000


  • Micro regulator is available in AC/DC operation mode. The air output can be adjusted at one’s desire.
  • Double muffling design,low noise, large air output and high pressure.
  • Intelligent microcomputer control system and protective circuits of battery Battery can be charged when the pump is connected with AC power supply.
  • .Change automatically to DC when AC is off. The DC power can work as long as 24-26 hours when the AC power turns off Segmented 36-38 hours.

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New-generation microcomputer controlled intelligent AC/DC Air Pump. With the help of the auromatic AC/DC power conversion function, the product is easy and reliable to use. It is suitable for increasing oxygen to luxurious aquariums and live aquatic product breeding ponds in hotels, restaurants as well as being used as air source facility for medical and industrial purposes. For optimum performance and safety, please read this instruction manual carefully and keep it handy for future reference.


1.The unit is designed finely. Adopts 6V4Ah maintenance free and fully automatic chargeable battery which can change to DC working state when the AC power turns off.

2.Frequency conversion air output adjustment Adopts the regulator to adjust the air output. The air output can be adjusted freely in both AC and DC working states. 3.If the air pump hasn’t been used or has beenused in AC power supply for a long time, it is required to work in DC for about 20 hours one or two months. 4.If AC/DC Air Pump is not able to work under direct

current, it is required to recharge for about 8 hours.If it

still does not work after recharging.replace the battery.


1.Check the power voltage and frequency if they are conformed with those on the nameplate before use. 2.Don’t immerse the pump into water.If it falls into the water, unplug it immediately.use it after checked by an authorized person.

3.Do not drop,insert or place any object into the pump

at any time. 4.Do not operate the pump if it has a damaged cord or part.

5.Unplug the appliance from the socket when it is not used, before installing, taking off parts or cleaning.

Technical Data
Voltage AC220-240V Pressure >0.02Mpa
Frequency 50/60Hz DC Working Time 24-26H
Power 8w Weight 1.8kg
Output 5L/Min Size 245x120x73mm


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