Chaning DC Cross-Flow Wavemaker Pump 55W 20000L/H CN-8900


product Features:

●The cross-flow wave pump has four modes: constant-current speed regulation mode, nutrient delivery mode, random wave-making mode and pulse wave-making mode, which can meet different needs;

●Rotate more than 180°, rotate up and down to adjust the direction of water flow;

●Using low-voltage brushless frequency conversion control technology, safe and reliable, silent operation:

●High performance, large flow, low energy consumption;

●Easy to install and maintain, the magnetic suction cup is firmer;

●Pure the natural ecological environment, increase the filtering function, make the fish tank cleaner and help the growth of fish;

●Suitable for freshwater and seawater applications.

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The industry has been trying to solve this problem for years, but there is no effective way. The wave pump has obtained three national patent technologies, and has become the industry benchmark of wave pump. Due to its small size, large flow rate and stable quality, once the wave pump was put on the market, it was loved by many professional fish lovers. Now, the wave pump has occupied at least 30% of the market and has become the choice of many fish lovers.

existIn aquarium equipment , the reversal of the wave pump has always beenCommon problems for water pump manufacturers . During start-up, there is a high probability that the oscillating pump will reverse. Once this happens, the wave pump will not function as a wave, but will cause the current to suck back and carry away some small fish, which will also be absorbed and cause death.

Precautions for Aquarium Pumps

1. To ensure the performance of the product, it is forbidden to run without water.

2. Try to place the control box in a place that is not easy for children to touch, pay attention to waterproof!

3. When installing the suction cup, move the rear magnetic suction cup to the outer wall of the fish tank to make it suck firmly, then put it on the damaged fish tank.

4. Clean the pump regularly. To clean, turn it counterclockwise to open, lock clockwise, and wipe the blade with a soft cloth.

The wave pump has industry-leading patented technology

Although the wave pump has only one pump head, due toThe pump manufacturerIt can be said that one head is equal to three, which can save the fish tank. In addition, the turbulence generated by the space is also larger and more natural, which can be very realistic to create a realistic underwater living environment for fish. In addition, it has a unique patented super suction cup that can be rotated 360 degrees, and the direction of water flow can be adjusted in all directions, making it very easy to remove.

In addition to the patented technology, the material of the wave pump is also very complex. The shaft of a common wave pump is made of steel. It is easy to be corroded after being immersed in seawater for a long time. The average lifespan can only last a year or two. The wave pump shaft is made of nickel-titanium alloy material, which has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and its service life is three times that of ordinary wave pumps.

Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

WATT 15W 25W 40W 55W
FMAX 5000L/H 8000L/H 15000L/H 20000L/H


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