Chaning Neutral glass Submersible Aquarium Heater CN-308


Chaning Neutral glass Aquarium Heater


  • Adjustable temperature from 18 degrees to 34 degrees.
  • Easy installation, simple operation and high safety.
  • A sensitive temperature regulator is set in the rod, and high-resistance heating wire is used, the heating is uniform and stable, and the service life is long .
  • Good heat resistance, good insulation and high heat conduction efficiency.
  • This heating rod uses double waterproof sealing ring, waterproof grade IP68, please fully immerse in water when using.

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Chaning Neutral glass Aquarium Heater – Aquanature Online

The professional way to mute the fish tank:

  1. If it is the noise in the air pump, you can open it and clean it, or clean the whole pump according to the situation. When the pump clears the dirt and operates normally, the noise disappears naturally.
  2. You can find a bracket to hold the pump. The fewer points of contact between the stand and the ground, the better. Put a rubber pad (sponge pad) on the floor of the support leg to effectively reduce the transmission of noise.
  3. When the oxygenation pump is working at the bottom of the tank, it will make a humming sound. If you lift it up and hang it in the water, the noise will go away. So you can find a way to hang the pump and not let it touch the bottom of the cylinder.
  4. If The quality of the pump motor produced by the submersible pump manufacturer is not good, and the noise becomes louder after the rotor is worn, and a new motor can be replaced.
  5. If the power of the motor is larger, the suction nozzle can be slightly reduced.
  6. Keep the fish tank 10 cm away from the wall.
  7. Add a sponge pad to the tank wall or bottom.
  8. If the power of the pump is too large to cause noise,The submersible pump manufacturer can replace the pump with a lower power to solve the overflow problem of the dripper box and solve the noise.
  9. Fill the triangular area of ​​the lower pipe of the fish tank with a muffler ball, which is a hollow plastic ball smaller than a ping pong ball with a sponge or foam inside; tie a stocking or a towel to the drain of the bottom filter and wrap the water outlet , let the water run along the stocking or towel into the sink of the bottom filter, do not let the water hang in the air. Or extend the pipe directly so that the pipe is directly below the water surface, which also muffles the sound.
  10. Adding an air-defense lifting device on the drain pipe can promote the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria, and also has a mute effect. When the water is quiet, fish are not easily startled.
  11. Fish tank filtration should use overflow filtration as much as possible. The outlet of the filter system should be deep into the water of the fish tank to avoid the sound of water falling. In addition, during the filtration process, the water flow should be kept stable to avoid bubbles and noise when the water is discharged.
Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

MODEL CN-308 CN-308 CN-308 CN-308 CN-308
TANK CAPACITY 10-20L 20-50L 100-200L 100-200L 200-300L
WATER VOLUME 3-5gaL  5-14 galL 14-26 galL  26-80 gal 53-80 galL
WATT 25W 50W 100W 200W 300W
LENGTH 165m 185m 210m 260m 300m

Additional information

Size (Upto)

100w, 200w, 300w


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