Chaning Three-in-one multi-function submersible pump






●Using reinforced ABS raw materials;

●Low noise, durable and reliable;

●Suitable for top filter system;

The suction cup is suitable for installation in any fish tank; stabilizes water circulation and enhances exposure

●Air and water filtration.


1. Preparation before opening the cylinder

Equipment: aquarium, glass ring, oxygen pump, heating rod, nitrifying bacteria.

Catch fish: cheap and healthy cleaner fish, forage fish, etc.


2. Preparation of filter tank:

(1) Coarse filter cotton: the main function is to perform physical pre-filtration, if it is wrapped outside the water inlet of the outer filter barrel, it is easier to replace;

(2) Biochemical cotton: The main function is to cultivate digestive bacteria that decompose organic matter and improve the transparency of water.

(3) Glass ring: Usually, the volume of the glass ring should account for 3% to 5% of the volume of the entire water tank, and its main function is to cultivate nitrifying bacteria to ensure that the water is non-toxic.

2. One day:The manufacturer of aquarium equipment sterilizes the foam box. Whether it is a new tank or an old tank, the fish tank needs to be disinfected. The new tank has one more step than the old one, that is, after gluing the tank, it needs to dry for about 7 days to remove the odor and toxicity of the glass glue in the tank. Soaking tanks are mainly used to remove odors from glass glue and aquariums. At the same time, it can be used to test the water to see if a fully submerged aquarium will leak after 24 hours. This is a very important step. Typically, a special salt for aquariums or potassium permanganate is added for a 24-hour soak to officially raise the water level.

Day 2: Clean everythingOnce the aquarium equipment is in place, put it in place. Turn on the water pump to start the water circulation, and keep the filter materials such as ceramic rings, biochemical cotton, biochemical balls, etc. After 24 hours of special salt disinfection, we can drain all the water in the fish tank and add new water to completely brush the fish tank.

Day 3: Aeration in the tank. Pour new water into the tank and start raising the water level; most turn on the oxygenation pump and filter system for 24 hours of continuous oxygen supply and circulation; after a day of inflation, you can turn on the heating rod and remember the water temperature. To adjust to the temperature suitable for fish farming, put the ceramic ring, biochemical ball, biochemical cotton and other filter materials into the filter tank and the filter tank does not need to be closed after opening.

Day 4: Add nitrifying bacteria. When the water temperature rises, the water in the tank becomes cloudy due to the many small air bubbles in the water, and we can add digestive bacteria. Note: 1. Do not pour the nitrifying bacteria directly into the main water tank, but put the nitrifying bacteria into the filter tank. 2. Nitrifying bacteria need more than 20 degrees to survive. They are aerobic bacteria, so the oxygen pump should not be interrupted. It must be ensured that there is enough oxygen to supply the nitrifying bacteria to increase the survival rate.

Day 5: Add to fish tank. Nitrifying bacteria need food. The main food comes from fish manure and leftover feed. In addition, we need to observe whether the water quality can support fish and test the ammonia concentration in the tank. We add aquarium fish, normal healthy fish. However, it is possible to draft and pull into the tank. At this point, the water starts to become cloudy, which is normal.

Day 6 to Day 10: The cylinder has been opened successfully. There are fish in the tank, and nitrifying bacteria are also added. We can start to wait and see. The water will gradually become cloudy and then gradually clear from the cloudy. This process takes about 7-10 days. Stick to 3. Change one-fifth of the water every day before adding new water. In the future, there is no need to add nitrifying bacteria every time the water is changed. Nitrifying bacteria will only speed up the time to open the tank until the water is very clear. The entire nitrifying bacteria need to stabilize 1. A few months, but after about 7 days the water will clear and you can put your favorite fish.


Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

MODEL CN-C060 CN-C100 CN-C300 CN-C300 CN-C400
WATT 8W 15W 25W 35W 45W
HMAX 0.9m 1m 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
FMAX 600L/H 1000L/H 1500L/H 2500L/H 3000L/H

Additional information

Size (Upto)

CN-C200(25W), CN-C400(45W)


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