hygger Electric Aquarium Vacuum Cleaning Tools, 15W Automatic Sand Gravel Cleaners with Sponge Filters, Fish Tank Water Changer Comes with 6.7ft Water Tube Hg-955 AC


  • 【Powerful Electric Automatic Vacuum Pump】power 15W, AC110V/60HZ, vacuum suction is strong enough to change water fast, vacuum detritus or fish manure from the rocks or gravel substrates, quickly clean the corners and glass tank wall. A helpful and time saving aquarium cleaning tool kits without removing all the water, you can’t missing it
  • 【6 In 1 Multifunctional Aquarium Gravel Cleaner】the aquarium cleaner tool comes with 5 kinds of cleaning heads and 1 sponge filter house and 1 black water hose.You can use the tool to change water, wash gravel,clean rocks, brush glass tank wall, clean up fish stools and residues, filter water to keep the water cycling back. Please don’t use the gravel vacuum cleaner to clean fine sand or gravel, it may block the power head pump
  • 【Easy to Drain water & Add Water Back to Aquarium 】it comes with a elbow connection pipe to attach the black hose on to the end of the whole pipe, it will make water change more easier and faster. The water flow rate of the pump is 360GPH and the max lifting height is 4.92ft. There is a on/off controller connected to the power cord, you can start and stop it to work at any time
  • 【Fits Most Medium and Large Fish Tank】whole handle pipe length is adjustable,it comes with 4 telescope plastic pipes,you can choose to use 2 to 4 pipes together according to the fish tank depth. The aquarium cleaning tool can work in fish tank depth up to 3ft. The handle is 4.1 inch long and anti slip design, good for use. Power cord total length is 6ft + 3.2ft
  • 【Easy to Install and Use】when open the packing box, firstly you should classify the accessories: 5 cleaning heads, handle+4 telescope pipes, 4 power cord clips, power head pump, controller power cord, sponge filter house+T connection pipe. Then you choose the accessories you need and to assemble them together, you can install that by hand, no need other tool help

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aquarium cleaning tools hygger multifunctional AC 110V electric aquarium cleaning tools, is designed for gravel cleaning, water changing, water filtration, fish manure and residue vacuum cleaning, brushing glass tank wall. A very helpful and time saving automatic aquarium gravel cleaner, can be used for fresh water and marine water fish tank. Sand Vacuum water changer electric aquarium cleaning tools Automatic aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner features: Comes with 4 telescope pipes (7 inch), you can adjust the length according to the depth of the fish tank. Powerful pump head, high efficient cleaning, will make your aquarium cleaning work easier and fast. Works ultra quietly, will not disturb the aquarium fish pets. The aquarium cleaner has a sponge filter house, the vacuumed up dirty water will go through the filter house then go back into the fish tank. Very easy to assemble the accessories together by hand, no need other tools help. Easy to use, plug it on and it will work automatically, you just need to move the cleaning head to the place needed clean. It comes with 4 cable clips to fix the power cord along with the long handle. The aquarium cleaner has an on/off controller connected to the power cord. Quickly drain water out the fish tank, then quickly add clean water back into the fish tank. automatic aquarium gravel cleaner Directions for use: Please don’t use this fish tank vacuum cleaner in fine sands or gravels, it may cause the pump head blocked, we suggest for washing gravels that diameter larger than 3mm. When connect the parts together, please remember to wring all the joints tightly. The pump motor power head must be fully submerged under water, or it may can’t suck water up. If found any place leaking water, please unplug the pump first, then reconnect the joint. Specifications Voltage: AC 110V/60HZ Power: 15W Max water flow rate: 360GPH Max head: 4.92ft Power cord: 9.2ft


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