MISHA Ammo Clear 30ml


  1. Ammonia Neutralization: Ammo clear contains chemicals that react with ammonia, converting it into ammonium. Ammonium is a less toxic form of ammonia and is not as harmful to fish.
  2. Detoxification: While Ammo clear neutralizes ammonia, it doesn’t remove it from the aquarium. Instead, it temporarily detoxifies the ammonia, giving your biological filter more time to convert it into less harmful substances through the nitrogen cycle.
  3. Temporary Solution: It is usually a temporary solution to address sudden spikes in ammonia levels. It provides a quick fix to protect your fish while you work on identifying and resolving the root cause of the ammonia issue.

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Ammo Clear is designed to temporarily convert ammonia into a non-toxic form, making it less harmful to the aquarium inhabitants.


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