Brightwell Ionit-R Regenerable Mixed Adsorbent Resin for all Freshwater, Marine and Reef Aquaria 250ml


  • High-capacity, regenerable adsorption resin effective in marine and freshwater aquaria.
  • Dramatically improves water quality by removing dissolved organic material, toxic gasses,heavy metals, and other impurities.
  • Helps control nutrient levels (including ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate).
  • Will not negatively impact water quality once exhausted.
  • Regenerable over 250 times, significantly increasing cost effectiveness relative to activatedcarbon when comparing filtration capability.

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Regenerable Mixed Adsorbent Resin | Aquanature Online

Rinse in fresh water prior to use. Employ one 500-ml container per 200 US-gallons of water in aquarium system. Place resin inside a filter bag in an area of moderate water flow, or in a canister or fluidized filter per manufacturer’s instructions. Resin may be left in system continuously if desired.

If aquarium water is particularly discolored and/or odorous, amount of resin per gallon of water may be increased up to double (e.g. 500-ml resin per 100 US-gallons). Resin beads will gradually darken to honey brown coloration with exhaustion. Regenerate as directed on opposite panel.

Regenerate after 5 – 10 days of continuous use, or when water ceases to clear any further and begins to yellow. The more discolored the aquarium water, the more frequently regeneration is required.

How to regenerate: Dissolve 4 cups table salt in 1 US-gallon of room-temperature water per 250-ml resin to be regenerated in a clean pail; place resin into pail and stir; allow beads to soak overnight; strain and rinse beads thoroughly in fresh water before re-using.

Resin may not regain original coloration after regeneration, but may be off-white or cream-colored. It may be necessary to repeat regeneration process until resin attains this coloration if it was employed in a system with elevated content of humic and/or tannic acid. Do not regenerate resin with bleach, which will damage resin and could kill aquarium inhabitants.

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