Tropical Carnivore 500ml (Item code- 60735)


  • food for large carnivorous fish
  • High-protein food
  • sinking granules for carnivorous bottom fish.

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CARNIVORE food for large carnivorous fish. High-protein food in the form of sinking granules for carnivorous bottom fish. The high level of easily digestible protein will satisfy the needs of both catfish and very demanding rays, snakeheads, etc. CARNIVORE is a perfect complement to the diet of omnivorous carnivores and an interesting proposition for larger cichlids that take food from the bottom of the aquarium. The reduced starch content protects the carnivorous fish from greasiness of internal organs. The unprecedented hydrostability means that the granules remain unchanged in the water for a very long time without getting dirty and releasing valuable nutrients. The beta-glucan present in the diet naturally supports the immune system. 

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