AQQA Aquariums Power Filter,2W 80GPH External Hang On Fish Tank Sponge Filter with Surface Skimmer,Adjustable Flowrate 3-Step Filtration Cascade for Freshwater Saltwater Fish Tank AQ-018


  • 【Upgrade Power Sponge Filter】No need air pump, strong horse-power 2W 80GPH, can quickly purify fish tank water quality.waterfall type water flow design,Not only increase the aesthetics of the fish tank, but also increase the dissolved oxygen.External hang on by the fish tank,take up less space in the fish tank, leaving more room for the fish.
  • 【3-Step Filtration】The biochemical sponge at the water inlet prevents the inhalation of sand and fish.The inhaled water carries fish poop and other impurities,It passes through a layer of biochemical sponge, a layer of activated carbon media, and a layer of professional filter cotton to achieve the function of evolving water quality.The filter layer can be replaced, and the store has separate filter layer for sale.
  • 【Set with Oil Surface Skimmer】surface skimmer can be assembled freely, installed or removed.Our surface skimmer no need to adjust according to the water surface, it will automatically float on the water surface, change according to the water level change, remove the impurities and oil surface on the water surface.If it is not needed, just plug the installation hole.
  • 【Adjustable Water Pipe+Extended Pipes】The length of the water pipe can be adjusted freely to adapt to fish tanks of various heights,With extension tube, it can be installed freely according to the height of the fish tank.Outer water tank with level governor,Used to adapt to the thickness of different fish tanks and keep the filter vertical.
  • 【Precautions Before Use】Our filter is very quiet and the noise is less than 30db,Please fill the water tank with water before use to drive the water pump to pump water.When you start to use it, if there is air in the water pipe, it will make some noise. When the air in the water pipe is discharged, it will be very quiet.

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Welcome to AQQA AQQA is a professional shop specializing in aquarium supplies and accessories,all products from this store the actual filming of goods please rest assured that you purchasers to buy! We are determined to provide better product and better services to our customers.Our customer service is online 24 hours, providing pre-sale, sale, after-sale service, the product implements a free return policy, Free replacement within 3 months. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. AQQA–Aquarium accessories,Quality Assurance Product Description Product Name:AQQA Electric Power Hang On Filter Cord length:5.9FT Size:2W 80GPH Weight:464g Voltage:AC 110V/60Hz Pipe Length:4.1″-17.5″ Suggest tank size:0-20gallon Package included:1*Filter Filtering Process ①Filter the first layer:filter mesh + biochemical cotton,prevent aspiration small fish,filter out larger particles. ②Filter the second layer:Biochemical sponge + activated carbon + filter cotton 3-in-1 filter ,Deeply purify water quality, remove peculiar smell, filter out fine impurities. ③Filter the three layer:Surface Skimmer,Long-term effective removal of trash and oil on the water surface,with garbage collection room. Product Advantages Environmental protection material Noise is less than 30db Energy saving and power saving Beautiful waterfall design,dissolved oxygen Easy to remove and wash Occupies a small area in the fish tank Precautions For Use 1.Fill the water tank with water before use 2.At the beginning of operation, the air in the water pipe will be a bit noisy. When the water fills the water pipe and the air is discharged, it will be quiet.


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