Brightwell Aquatics UltraPlanktos-Pcwm Marine Aquaria 250ml


specifically for temperate (“cold water”) marine aquaria.

• Provides seven types of phytoplankton, and marine-based food particulates, collectively

ranging in size from 1 – 50µm.

• Supplemented with a proprietary amino acid blend to aid in coloration and feeding

response of invertebrates.

• Ideally-sized for many corals, clams, sponges, tunicates, tube worms, bryozoans, larval

crustaceans, and juvenile fishes.

• Encourages polyp-expansion in corals, anemones, and their allies.

• Formulated to provide over 200-million phytoplankton cells per ml.

• Does not require refrigeration.

• Formulated by a marine scientist.

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1 – 50µm fortified Phytoplankton Suspension for Corals, Bivalves, Sponges, and other

suspension-feeding invertebrates in Temperate Marine Aquaria.


UltraPlanktos-P CWM is a concentrated suspension of seven different species of marine algae, and two types of marine-derived food particulates, all ranging in size from 1-50µm and having an extremely diverse nutritional profile, rich in a number of fatty acids including the omega-3 fatty acids EPA ARA, ARA, and DHA, as well as in chlorophyll, carotenoid pigments, vitamins, minerals, and several important amino acids. Of particular interest are omega 3 fatty acids and pigments, for these substances have been show to provide tremendous benefit to the overall health and coloration of filter feeding and planktivorous organisms.

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