Chaning Aquarium Submersible Uv Sterilizer 11w For 600-1000l Aquarium CN-708



●Intelligent timing function.

●Unique 180° eye protection design, safe and reliable.

●The service life of UV lamps can reach more than 10,000 hours.

●High-quality quartz glass can make the light penetrating stronger.

●Through UVC ultraviolet irradiation, algae and harmful bacteria are safely and effectively removed.

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If the fish tank pump is broken, there are usually two parts: the coil, the coil is broken, the performance does not vibrate, the cup is cracked, the performance is vibration but no ventilation, the same size cup is enough to install.

If the air pump is used for a long time, the air output will decrease. This is due to the aging of the one-way valve. Remove the air pump and locate the check valve. Install separately. Install unaged parts in the vents. Materials of the same material can be found.

Can be used below 15% of normal voltage. If the power cord is damaged, disconnect the power immediately. Please clean the rotor and water jet regularly. Before use, the user must check whether the rated voltage of the pump is consistent with the actual voltage.

When the submersible pump manufacturer installs or disassembles the fish tank water pump and cleans the water pump, it must first unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply to ensure safety. The filter basket and filter cotton must be cleaned frequently to ensure proper water intake and good filtration.

To protect the pump body, if the pump body breaks, please stop using it immediately. The immersion depth of the pump in the water is 0.4m.

Aquarium pumps are used in conjunction with aquarium filters to purify water and replenish oxygen in fish farming equipment. Its purpose is to remove feces and other dirt from the water, keeping the water clean, free of harmful substances and pollution, and suitable for fish growth. Using a good filtration unit in your fish tank will keep your fish well and reduce water changes.


Noise is an irregular and disordered sound in the frequency and intensity of sound waves. Physiologically speaking, sound interferes with normal rest, study and work, and sound interferes with what people want to hear. In this sense, there are many sources of noise, such as the sound of cars on the street, conversations in a quiet library, machinery on a construction site, and the loudness of an adjacent TV. In the field of communications, the energy field that interferes with signal transmission is called noise. The energy field can be generated from internal systems or from the external environment. Typically, people use decibels (dB) to measure the strength of noise, and signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) to measure how much noise affects a wanted signal. Possible sources of noise are airplanes, cars, factories, construction sites, everyday life, etc. Noise is one of the environmental pollutions, and governments of various countries usually have corresponding laws and regulations to control noise.

The outlet tube is one of the backs of the two water tubes that branch off the scallops.

A fish tank is an aquarium that contains live fish. The tank is transparent and mostly made of glass. It can also be used to raise tropical fish or goldfish for viewing. The fish tank is not only a home for raising fish, but also a shared life enjoyment for the family. The flawless double-layer float glass not only provides a warm home for the fish, but also ensures the safety of the entire living environment. But the disadvantage is that no filtering equipment can be added, and the cylinder is too thin.

Product parameters:
CN-708 11W 600-1000L 253mm


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