Chaning Aquarium Super Wavemaker Submersible Pump CN-820



Wave pumps are widely used in large fish tanks, such as golden dragons, blood red parrots, koi, etc. These fish are likely to be stubby and fat in a calm environment, which is not conducive to maintaining a beautiful body. The currents make the fish seem to grow in a river environment. The fish will move against the current in the current environment, swaying swimming;

The created water flow moves the water surface, so that the dissolved oxygen in the water will also increase, and the microorganisms in the water will fully communicate, which is conducive to the healthy growth and development of fish;

Many aquarists have encountered the phenomenon that the excrement is deposited at the bottom of the fish tank and the feed remains, and the filter cannot filter it, especially the aquarists who raise blood red parrots and other large fish have the same feeling. At this time, you can choose this product and install it. In the opposite direction of the filter pump, it helps the water body to achieve circulating flow, and the excrement flows through the water to the filter to achieve the cleaning effect.

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Although the failure rate of the submersible pump is very low, it has a more stable and safe role in the use and use process, but it is inevitable that there will be unexpected situations in the work, such as sudden failure to work normally, which will have a serious impact on the working environment. . If you want to continue to deliver more stable performance and avoid unnecessary disruption to your work,Professional aquarium equipment manufacturers suggest to solve it in the correct way and restore the function of normal use, butThe aquarium equipment suddenly does not work properly, please pay attention to the following solutions.

First, turn off the submersible pump quickly to understand the specific situation of the submersible pump, and you can also review some problems that have occurred in previous use. If it suddenly stops working without any signs, please first check whether the circuit is stable, especially whether there is a structural problem in the internal circuit. Before judging whether it is a more serious problem, it is necessary to check some basic problems. In this way, targeted solutions can be identified so as not to affect the entire work process and avoid unnecessary impacts and losses.

Secondly, targeted repairs can only be carried out after a fault has been identified. It is recommended not to disassemble blindly by yourself, especially for those who do not have any maintenance experience. Do not disassemble by yourself. If you want to see the internal structure, you should pay attention to the fault after identifying the fault. Choose a professional repair team to better replace parts or choose an appropriate repair method to avoid secondary damage after disassembly, which may lead to more serious failure problems, thus affecting the use effect. , will also lead to increased maintenance costs.

Third, if you really can’t identify the fault, don’t know what caused the fault and can’t work properly, it is recommended that you choose a professional regular maintenance team for repairs. Only in this way can problems be identified in a targeted manner. Problems can be clearly stated to help maintainers identify problems quickly and better determine the general scope of the failure. This will have better advantages in terms of maintenance, avoid wasting too much time, and target failures and restore normal use functionality.

If the stainless steel submersible pump suddenly fails to work normally during use, it is recommended that you stop working in time and turn off the submersible pump quickly, so as to conduct a comprehensive inspection and avoid more serious failure problems. In the meantime, you must know the above details. In the event of a failure problem, it will be resolved in a reasonable manner. There is no need to worry about various unexpected situations, and it will not affect the subsequent work process. Everyone should use the correct method to avoid serious failures.

Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

6W/12W/20W is single head, 28W/36W is double head
WATT 6W 12W 20W 28W 36W
FMAX 6000L/H 9000L/H 13000L/H 18000L/H 25000L/H

Additional information

Size (Upto)

20W, 36W


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