AquaNature Stainless Steel Aquarium 5 in 1 Maintenance Tools – Includes Straight & Curved Scissors, Substrate Spatula, Straight & Bent Tweezers


  • 5-IN-1 TOOL KIT FOR A BEAUTIFUL AQUASCAPE: Aquascaping isn’t merely just including plants in your aquarium. This entails intricately organizing plants and other decorative items such as rocks, gravel and substrate. A great help to make things easier for you is Aquarium Tool Kit by Jainsons Pet Products. It is complete with all the essential instruments you will need for designing and maintaining your aquarium with a substrate spatula, straight & curved scissors, straight & bent tweezers
  • DELIVERS PRECISE CUTTING & PICKS UP DIRT EASILY: With their sharp blades, you can use your straight or curved tip scissors for pruning, grooming and trimming your aquatic plants. Toothed Tweezers in this pack can be used in removing dirt from your aquarium’s bottom. Move a décor, rock or gravel carefully by using the shovel to carefully scoop them.
  • SAFE FOR PETS & PLANTS: With streamlined and slender surface, it creates no harm even to your small or thin plants as you work around with your design and usual maintenance. As this is also rustproof, it doesn’t contaminate the living environment of your aquatic animals.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: With its innate flexibility, it easily gets through even to hard-to-reach places and effortlessly mows down foreground plants. Your fingers will not be strained because of its smooth handle, it assures ease of use and you’ll enjoy designing and caring for your aquarium even more.
  • DURABLE, PREMIUM QUALITY TOOLS: Made from waterproof stainless-steel material, these aquarium essentials are guaranteed corrosion-resistant. This also comes with a black case for easy safekeeping after usage.



Colour: Black /silver Material: blackened stainless steel Type: straight tweezers, curved tweezers, curved scissors, straight scissors, flat sand shovel Straight tweezer length: 27 cm / 10.63 inches Curved braid length: 27 cm / 10.63 inches – Gardenia is used to arrange or plant aquatic plants in aquarium Straight cut: (L * W) 25.50 * 5.60cm / 10.04 “* 2.20” Bending scissors: (length * width) 25.50 * 5.60cm / 10.04 “* 2.20″ – Curved scissors for cutting aquatic plants in aquarium Flat sand shovel: (L * W) 31.50 * 7.00cm / 12.40″ * 2.76”

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