Brightwell Aquatics Florin ph – Decreases ph in all Freshwater, Planted, and Marine Aquaria 250ml FPM250


  • Safely decreases pH in freshwater community and planted aquaria. May also be used in marine aquaria.
  • Gradually decreases alkalinity (“carbonate hardness”) of tap water and aquarium water.
  • Useful for decreasing pH of aquarium water when establishing acidic water conditions in biotope aquaria, simulating the onset of rainy seasons, or for encouraging spawning in fish species indigenous to low-pH environments.

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Water chemistry requirements of many freshwater fish and motile invertebrate species of interest dictate that the pH of the aquarium water be maintained below 7.0 (e.g. acidic); this is particularly true of aquatic organisms endemic to forested regions with mineral-deficient waters, exemplified by many streams and rivers in South and Central America, West Africa, Southeast Asia, and parts of Australasia. The challenge facing many aquarists wishing to maintain these species in captivity pertains to adjusting pH to the proper range when the water being employed for water changes is rich in dissolved minerals (particularly those that increase alkalinity, such as calcium carbonate) and/or when a reactive aquarium substrate, such as dolomite or calcite, is employed. The best first step is to use only purified water, reconstituted with a suitable remineralizing salt to the desired TDS, when performing water changes (non-remineralized purified water should be used when replacing evaporation); additionally, non-reactive (e.g. inert) bottom substrate should be employed. Having enacted these changes, however, pH may still be higher than the desired level. Use of Florin pH- as directed will result in a gradual, safe decrease in pH. Changes to pH should always be made very gradually to avoid stress of aquarium inhabitants, and a reputable reference source for water chemistry requirements of the inhabitants should be reviewed prior to making any pH changes. Alkalinity (carbonate hardness) should be monitored and adjusted as necessary. Florin pH- is safe for all freshwater aquaria, including those housing plants and motile freshwater invertebrates (e.g. shrimp and other crustaceans, snails and other mollusks, etc.).

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