Chaning Aquarium Super Silent Oxygen Air pump 3w 6L/Min CN-900


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●High efficiency and energy saving, large air volume;

●Pure copper motor, long life;

●Double-layer sound insulation design, ultra-quiet;

●The air volume can be adjusted by the LED indicator;

●Adopt advanced magnetic levitation technology motor to reduce resonance.

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1. What is water conservation

Aquaculture is the process of transforming tap water that is not suitable for fish farming into water suitable for fish life through a series of methods.

2. Why do you need water?

The water abstraction process is actually the process of environmental farming. Water suitable for human consumption is usually not suitable for fish, and different types of fish have different adaptations to water quality, so it is necessary to grow water suitable for fish according to their adaptation.

3. How to keep water

(1) Dry water. Directly released tap water contains liquid chlorine and is not suitable for fish farming. The easiest way is to leave the water in the sun for two or three days to remove chlorine and other fish-harming substances from the tap water. After drying, the chlorine in the water will evaporate and the oxygen content will increase appropriately. The drying time is delicate. It should be noted that the drying time is not as long as possible. After more than two or three days, the water quality may destroy bacteria.

(2) New water and old water. Freshwater: The water is just dry. After venting and blasting, we eliminated the residual chlorine water. New water is very important for the reproduction of ornamental fish. We have to get into the habit of replacing a portion of the water over time. Old water: If the hydrology in your aquarium is good and the biochemical system is functioning properly. Then your water will turn light green or light amber. This water is rich in humus, beneficial microorganisms and algae, which are extremely beneficial for fish growth. Most fish like old water, but that doesn’t mean older is better. First, proper water renewal can stimulate the growth of fish and the ability to adapt to the environment; second, if the water is not replaced for a long time, the content of inorganic salts in the water will increase, which is not good for fish and easily causes algae damage.

(3) Change the water. It refers to taking some of the old water out of the tank and adding new water. Some aquariums see that the water in the fish tank is very clear, and the water has not been changed for a long time. Even if your physical filtration and biological filtration is strong, this is a very wrong approach. Completely remove all kinds of harmful substances and ammonia nitrogen in the water. The result of not changing the water for a long time is that harmful substances and ammonia nitrogen slowly accumulate and reach a certain concentration, after which the fish will start to die continuously.

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OUTPUT 10L/min


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