Kintons 50% Energy Saving Automatic Water Changer 16w, 1080L/H – IQ1800A


  • Large suction
  • can pump water at low water
  • Clean up the feces
  • plug in and work

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CAUTION: • Always disconnect from the electrical socket before perform maintenance works Do not run dry the pump. Do not lift the pump unit by pulling the wire (Power Cord) • The power supply cord provided for this appliance cannot be replaced. If the pump failed to operate, check the following: Check and ensure there is a consistence power supply to the pump unit. PERFORMANCE: • A clogged or dirty intake screen will generally reduce the performance of the pump. Hence, you must wash away the surrounded debris frequently If less flow is required, adjust the flow control lever. MAINTENANCE: To perform servicing or cleaning of the pump, firstly, removed the front cover and the impeller cover, then follow by the impeller unit. Use a small brush to clean the impeller cylinder or you can just wash away the internal debris under running water. NOTE: Always remember to disconnect the pump unit from the electrical power supply socket before handling or performing maintenance works By performing regular maintenance, it can prolong the life span of the pump. During installation, ensure the power plug of the pump is to be inserted to the power socket outlet at the higher point. This is to ensure the water will not back flow via the wire tothe socket outlet


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