Nomoypet Turtle Fish Tank Hangon Filter NF-16 (Without Pump)


  • suitable for water depth below 60cm.
  • Adjustable hanging buckle, suitable for tanks with different thickness.
  • Double-layer filtration, more efficient.
  • Plant and filter, make the water clean.

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Fish tank Turtle tank Hanging Filter Dimensions 155mm*85mm*100mm Filter without pump, need to buy separately. Suitable for fish tank and turtle tank, water depth below 60cm. The use of hanging on the tank wall also allows for plant culture and double filtration. The inner layer (black fittings) is densely packed with tiny holes, and the bottom has multiple rows of rainforest holes, so high flow rates won’t overflow. Outer (white fittings) a row of large outlet holes, outer box large aperture drainage, fast water discharge Adjustable hooks on both sides, 2 levels of height, adjustable wall thickness Install 2 suction cups, can be used alone as a basking platform Round water inlet, easy for hoses to enter and exit, water flows down the tank wall through the outlet, low noise. We can take custom brands, packaging.


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