Australian Blackworms Bio Pigment


  • “bio pigment plus” freeze dried black worms. This range and is to bring out of colours in your fishes in a natural way. It is made with a combination of spinach, spirulina algae, carophyll pink and black worms. These additives are well known to enhance the colour of aquarium fishes. this product is packed in a convenient storage container
  • Blackworms are a naturally occuring aquatic worm that is commercially cultivated and dried in a way to retain all its goodness
  • Freeze dried australian blackworms are 100% all natural. No preservatives are used in the processing of these worms
  • High protein food suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Freeze dried blackworms are a very clean, convenient and nutritious fish food. They are high in protein (66%!) making them an ideal growth food. These cubes can be pressed to the glass. Fish go crazy for them


No preservatives are used in the processing of these worms. Raised in a protected environment, in large indoor troughs, these worms are harvested, flash frozen, and then they are freeze dried through a process that locks in all their natural goodness and nutrition. It is often taken by the most finicky fish.

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