Chaning AC/DC Intelligent Two Way Oxygen Air Pump For Aquarium 6w Output 8L/Min – CN-6700


  • ●High quality lithium battery, long battery life.
  • ●Pure copper motor, long service life.
  • ●5 gear air volume adjustment, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • ●Durable ASB plastic case with non-slip silicone pads at the bottom to reduce vibration and noise.
  • ●Easy to carry, simple operation.

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This manual is intended to provide you the technical specification and working parameters of the air pump. Please review carefully the guidelines before installing the pumps. This device may cause risk to individual and property if not used within the guidelines described in this manual. If the air pump is misused or have been tempered with, we will not be liable for damages it may cause and will not honour any warranties.




•The oxygen pump should be charged when first used, and the screen shows “” and the current battery capacity when charging. Display” “when charging without adapter.

•Press “” for 3 seconds to turn the air pump on and off.In the on state, the screen will display all functions. In the off state, only the “” sign is displayed.

•Press “+” or “.” to adjust the air flow of the 5 gears.1 is the minimum gear and 5 is the maximum
[6:02 pm, 11/09/2022] Aqua Nature: gear.

Press “M” for adjustment mode.It contains both continuous (It’s oxygenated all the time) and segmented modes (10/20/30seconds Eg:Start 10

seconds and stop 10 seconds) Press “Feed” for feeding mode.The device will pause for 10 minutes. After 10 mins, the device will return to normal mode.


•Please check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are consistent with this product before use.

•This product is suitable for use in the environment of 5-40 degrees Celsius, do not use in the sun, rain or

wet place.

Do not use the air pump for diving.If the air pump is dropped into the water by accident or slashed with water, please cut the power and stop the operation immediately,and send it to the vendor for repairs.
[6:02 pm, 11/09/2022] Aqua Nature: ⚫In order to prevent accidents, please do not put the oxygen pump in flammable and explosive places. •Please do not use when the power cord is damaged, Pull out the plug and gas pipe before moving the oxygen pump.

In case of any noises or damages found on the air pump,please do not open.Send it back to your local vendor for maintenance and repair.

The product should be installed out of the reach of children, and supervise children to avoid playing with the product.

After the oxygen pump is used for a period of time,

the intake filter cotton will accumulate dust. Please

clean it regularly to avoid affecting the gas volume.

This product in the case of no power, need to charge as soon as possible, after full power unplug power. The air pump is not used for a long time and needs to be recharged every three months.

To maintain the battery life, use the DC power supply once or twice a month when using the AC power supply for a long time. (Unplugging the AC
[6:03 pm, 11/09/2022] Aqua Nature: power supply)

When the product is faulty, please check and solve the problem as follows: 1.If the air pump does not work, please check

whether the battery is out of capacity.

2.If the noise is abnormal, check whether it collides with other objects.

3.If the gas volume is not stable, check the pipe for

broken, broken or blocked.


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