Chaning Aquarium Submersible Water Pump


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Definition of water pump: A machine that usually lifts, transmits or increases liquid pressure, that is, converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into liquid energy to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid is collectively referred to as a pump.


It transfers the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid to increase the energy of the liquid. It is mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali liquids, emulsions, suspoemulsions and liquid metals. It can also transport liquid and gas mixtures. and liquids containing suspended solids. The technical parameters that measure the performance of the pump include flow, suction, head, shaft power, hydraulic power, efficiency, etc.; according to different working principles, it can be divided into positive displacement pumps, vane pumps and other types. Positive displacement pumps use the volume change of their working chamber to transfer energy. Vane pumps use the interaction of rotating vanes and water to transfer energy. There are centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps.According to the control principle, centrifugal pumps can be divided into AC pumps, brushed DC pumps, brushless DC motor pumps and brushless DC magnetic isolation pumps .

Definition of chiller

Chillers are often referred to as refrigerators, freezers, chillers, etc. Since they are widely used in various industries, the names vary from industry to industry. The chiller is a kind of water-cooled equipment, which can be divided into two types according to the cooling method: air-cooled and water-cooled.According to temperature control, submersible pump manufacturers are divided into low temperature coolers and normal temperature coolers. The normal temperature is usually controlled within the range of 0-35 degrees. The temperature of low temperature machines is usually controlled in the range of -100 degrees to 0 degrees.


Definition of cooling water pump

The chiller water pump refers to the water pump used in the water-cooled chiller. It is a miniature DC water pump. Usually, cooling water or coolant flows in from the water inlet, and the water outlet is sent to the destination.


How the chiller works

Usually, a certain amount of water or coolant is injected into the water tank of the cooler, the water or coolant is cooled by the cooler refrigeration system, and then the low-temperature cooling water or coolant is sent to the equipment that needs to be cooled, cold water pump, cold water or Coolant removes heat, rises in temperature, and flows back into the tank for cooling.


How the cooling water pump works

That is, the water pump delivers the water or liquid cooled by the cooler to the equipment that needs to be cooled in order to achieve cooling. The function of the water pump is to continuously circulate the liquid or water to achieve the effect of continuous cooling.


Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

MODEL CN-1000 CN-1500 CN-2500 CN-3000 CN-3500 CN-4500 CN-5500 CN-6500
WATT 10W 20W 40W 55W 65W 90W 115W 150W
HMAX 1.3m 1.6m 2.5m 2.8m 3m 4m 5m 5.3m
FMAX 1000L/H 1500L/H 2500L/H 3000L/H 3500L/H 4500L/H 5500L/H 6500L/H

Additional information

Size (Upto)

CN-2500(40W), CN-3500(65W), CN-4500(90W), CN-6500(130W)


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