Chaning Sine Wave Variable Frequency Speed Regulation Water Pump (AC Pump,Water Pump,Submersible Pump,Return Pump,Controllable Pump,Aquarium Pump)CN-8300



●Using British Morgan brown ceramic shaft, which has the characteristics of high precision, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Compared with ordinary ceramic shafts, it greatly improves the service life and mute effect;

●The water pump has three modes: 10-speed speed regulation mode, wave making mode, feeding mode;

●Sine wave technology, ultra-quiet;

The water pump is small in size, safe and reliable, and has high efficiency;

●Suitable for freshwater and seawater use.


Product Specifications

(Special aquarium water pump) Voltage: 6-24V Current: 2-4A Power: 25-80W

product requirement

1. The DC power supply is safe and convenient to ensure the safety of users.

2. Magnetic drive, sensorless drive mode, long service life, maintenance-free, labor-saving and labor-saving.

3. The noise is less than 35 decibels. The use of silicone silent gaskets and high-performance ceramic shafts can effectively solve the noise problem, and it is almost silent, even if it runs at night, it does not affect sleep.

4. The operation of the multi-function control box is simple and convenient. 5 functions, 9 gears, can be switched at will, intelligent shifting.

5. The magnetic suction cup can adjust the installation position of the pump at any time.

6. You can customize parameters and functions.

7. Adjustable gear, suitable for fish tanks of various sizes.

Material selection for aquarium pumps

1. Shaft: Select ceramic shaft. The shaft of the water pump is made of ceramic, stainless steel and stainless steel. Among them, ceramics are expensive but stable.

2. Bushing: carbon fiber bushing. Bushings include plastic bushings, carbon fiber bushings and graphite bushings that are directly injection molded and integrated with the rotor. Among them, carbon fiber has stable size and high wear resistance.

3. Regulation: The components of regulation are.

4. Pump body material:Zhongshan water pump manufacturer recommends using PPO, nylon glass fiber, ABS, PPO or nylon plus glass fiber.

Highlights of Aquarium Pumps

Fish tank pump, but less than one-tenth the price and better than TUNZE at making waves. Its functional characteristics are:

1. Diversion mode: According to the size of the fish tank, click the diversion gear to adjust the flow.

2. Classic diversion mode: The pump can generate flow by itself, and the wave circulates from small to large, and from large to small, with adjustable gears.

3. Wave making and wave making mode: It can not only circulate the water, but also stir up the waves, and it can adjust the gears.

4. Feeding method: When you need to eat, just click the control box to achieve.

5. Night mode: There is a photoresistor on the controller, which can be braked into night mode according to the intensity of light, or can be manually controlled to enter night mode.


Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

WATT 13W 18W 25W 40W 60W 80W 115W 150W
HMAX 3m 3.3m 3.6m 4.5m 5.2m 5.8m 6.5m 7m
FMAX 2000L/H 2500L/H 3500L/H 6000L/H 9000L/H 12000L/H 15000L/H 20000L/H

Additional information

Size (Upto)

2500L/H, 3500L/H, 6000L/H, 9000L/H


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