NomoyPet RainForest Reptile Turtle Terrarium Aquarium Tank YL-01


  • Full glass construction, front open door design with lock to prevent crawling escape, removable stainless steel mesh top cover, unique front window ventilation design, top all-metal mesh ventilation design, up to 10 closable wires or tubing entry.
  •  The convex on the bottom can facilitate the installation of heating mat or electric hotline, high and solid front window structure, can layer laying the bottom lining, and can place hiding points and other accessories.


Reptile terrarium have been developed for repeated reptiles and amphibians to provide the best habitat for you to successfully feed more reptile pets. The Reptile terrarium is the best choice for your reptiles and amphibians to thrive.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


Size (Upto)

L1-60*45*90cm, L2-60*45*45cm




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