Pedigree Jumbone Adult Dog Treat, Chicken & Rice, 12 Packs (12 x 200g)


  • Complimentary pet food for adult dogs
  • A longer lasting treat for your pet dog to relish
  • Each dog chew provides 8% of a 10 Kg dog’s energy needs per week
  • Has a great texture and a delicious meaty centre
  • Made with quality ingredients, Jumbone is easily digestible
  • Not suitable for dogs under 10 kgs or puppies less than 9 months
  • Serve one per week or 2 in case of large dogs, as a part of balanced diet

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Give your dog a treat he really deserves. Pedigree Jumbone in Chicken and Rice is a special dog treat for your special furry friend that will bring a smile on his face. A perfect longer lasting treat, Jumbone cleverly combines a hard chewy outer cover with a delicious meaty centre – something he can really get his teeth into. It tastes fantastic too!
Pedigree Jumbone with Chicken and Rice is complementary pet food for adult dogs and when given, ensure you reduce the main meal accordingly. Pedigree recommends feeding 1 Jumbone dog chew per week to dogs weighing 10 Kgs or more. Large dogs weighing over 25 Kgs can be given up to 2 chews per week.

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