Prodibio Start Up, Bacteria Starter Kit, Fresh and Saltwater, 30/1 mL vials, 30 gal and up


  • Available in Nano Range: 1 vial per product up to 15 gal/15 days; Standard Range: 1 vial per product up to 30 gal/15 days
  • Long shelf life thanks to single-dose glass vials being packed with argon gas to eliminate oxygen; Bacterial products lie dormant until ready
  • Glass vials are tinted; Active ingredients are protected against UV exposure
  • Concentrated formulas are highly effective and economic
  • Does not require refrigeration; Simply store at room temperature
  • This box contains 30 standard vials, 15 each of 2 different products. Each vial treats 30-50 gal. This box can cycle a total of 900 to 1500 gal

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START UP offers two complementary products in the same box: the power of BIO DIGEST and the efficacy of STOP AMMO to start up fresh and salt water aquariums more rapidly.STOP AMMO is a natural product composed of plant extracts. It neutralizes ammonium produced when starting up and reduces the production of nitrites. In the meantime, BIO DIGEST bacteria multiply and establish biological filtering.BIO DIGEST is a high technology bacterial compound. 30 billion bacteria per ampoule, including nitrification bacteria, accelerate biological filter installation and allow the rapid introduction of fish. These bacteria also prevent cloudy water, the spread of parasitic bacteria and reduce the risk of unexplained illnesses.


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