Sunsun Aquarium Chiller HYH-0.25D-D Upto 420L


  • Model: HYH-0.25DD
  • Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  • Power: 450W/1.9A
  • Refrigeration unit type: R134a
  • Aquarium volume: 420L Inlet/outlet pipe diameter: 16-20Φ

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SUNSUN HYH series thermostatic machine use the quality of accessories and refrigeration; advanced production processing; we have improved the business of the inspection procedures to ensure the technical feature and refrigeration standard achieve the most cost effective in home, to meet the needs of users. Features: 1.Adopted the import piston compressor, low power consumption, low audible noise, high performance. 2, With High quality material, flame retardant ABS fully plastic shell, never rust. 3, the titanium heat exchanger, anticorrosion, you can use for sea and fresh water. 4, the control system of temperature, the memory system of electricity cut, can effectively ensure that configure an appl cation work after power on, easy to handle. 5, Refrigeration comprehensive; can be an ideal job with the water below 35°. 6, the strainer mesh of air intake can be easy to install or remove, you can just wash it by yourself make sure the machine from the dust impact 7, The water tap can be rotation by 360°, safety and convenience.


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