Sunsun DC Multi-Function Gravel Cleaner DC5V HXS-01D


  • Innovation electric design: automatic suction, health and safety
  • Multiple function: washing sand and filtering fish poop inside.
  • DC drive: DC power supply (built-in lithium electricity, long working hours, up to 4 hours)
  • Simple and easy: a push-button start, washing sand and purifying water at the same time.

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SunSun HXS 01D electric siphon for siphoning aquariums – DC 5w Works directly in the electrical network Serves aquarium up to 80cm 220v This gravel washer can be used for draining and filling your tank with fresh water at a submenu, save money on buying a lift pump. When sifonke soil, you can use as a hose to drain the dirty water and garbage collection cartridge, leaving the filtered clean water in the aquarium. Contaminated cartridge is easy to remove and clean. The maximum height of the aquarium gravel washer for business – 60-70 cm. Equipped with a pump 6 W, and of 350 liters / hour , operating from a pair of power supply .


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