Sunsun Multi-Function Electric Water Changer HXS-03 20W


  • fully submersible,
  • water filtering function,
  • Vacuum tip,
  • desludging tip.

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SunSun HXS-03 Electric Water Exchanger The SunSun desilter allows you to clean the bottom of the aquarium without getting your hands wet. Very solidly made, with a high suction power of 20W. Completely waterproof, it can be submerged in water. There is an option of cleaning in a closed circuit, without pouring the water from the aquarium or with a water change, after connecting the outlet hose. A modern, professional desilter for freshwater and marine tanks. It has the ability to work in closed and open circulation. Powered from the mains, does not require the purchase of batteries and provides a constant, high suction power, which is unattainable with battery-powered desilter! The suction power is selected to remove dirt particles without interfering with the substrate too much. The desilter is ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use It is perfect for quick and effective cleaning of the tank. It is a device for all types of substrates Effectively traps dirt and debris from the bottom of the tank SunSun HXS-03 Electric Water desilter can work with both open and closed circulation in an open circuit, in addition to cleaning the bottom, the pump pumps part of the water out of the tank. This is a very useful function during periodic partial water changes in the aquarium in a closed circuit, dirt settles on the built-in fine mesh, and the purified water returns to the tank The mesh has very small diameter meshes, thanks to which even the smallest dirt remains on it. The mesh can be easily removed for rinsing It is made of durable material ensuring failure-free operation for several dozen uses of a desilter The pump with adjustable capacity up to 10001/h ensures high suction power Advantages of the SunSun HXS-03 Electric Water desilter: minimum desilter length: 40cm, maximum desilter length: 115 cm, .waterproof, diameter of the suction part 5 cm, ⚫fully submersible, ⚫ water filtering function, ⚫ vacuum tip, ⚫desludging tip. flow regulation, pump 20W 100


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