TETRA BITS Digestable Reptomin, 1000 ml, 299 g


  • Most advanced turtle food made with material that are rich in calcium
  • Designed accordingly with the eating habit of turtles and reptiles
  • A long-standing favourite among breeders and pet turtle enthusiasts alike


Tetra reptomin is a complete diet for aquatic turtles and as such is formulated to replicate a more carnivorous natural diet. It contains a patented active formula which is a special blend of ingredients which include essential fatty acids and vitamins which help to strengthen the immune system and improve vitality. As well as providing balanced nutrition, it is also produced using Tetra’s advanced extrusion process, making it highly digestable. This is very important for feeding turtles, as it reduces water pollution and therefore helps to improve the quality of the environment. Contains a high proportion of easily digestable proteins (39 percent) to match turtles natural diet. Optimum calcium to phosphorus ratio (approx. 3. 5: 1) For healthy shell and bone development. Active formula for strengthening resistance and improving vitality.

Additional information

Size (Upto)

220GM/1000ML, 22g/100m, 55g/250ml


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