Chaning Aquarium Ultra-quiet AC/DC Oxygen Air pump 3w 4L/Min CN-6600




● Using imported high-capacity batteries, long battery life;

● Ultra-quiet design, working noise <30Db;

● Atmospheric volume, high gas volume;

●The working mode, air pressure and air volume can be adjusted, and imported electronic components are used, and the quality is more stable.

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Experienced people usually only look at power when choosing a fish tank pump. They were just talking about a one meter small fish tank. If there are not many fish, usually choose a one-meter fish tank if it is an old-fashioned AC pump. A 25-watt water pump will suffice. If it is a DC variable frequency water pump, the power is reduced by 50%. But now it seems that this selection method is not so accurate. Therefore, when we choose a water pump, not only the power, but also the flow and head of the pump are also high.

We don’t need to elaborate on the pump head. Suppose your tank is one meter tall and the pump head is only half a meter, then he has no water at all. Regarding the flow rate of the pump, we must also choose according to the species of ornamental fish we raise. For example, if we are keeping quiet ornamental fish, such as goldfish and small tropical fish, the pump flow should be 5 to 7 times the flow of the water body. That’s it. In other words, weProfessional pump manufacturers must ensure that the water in the fish tank circulates about 5 times per hour.

If you are raising more active ornamental fish, such as koi or large tropical fish, the pump flow should be 7 to 10 times the flow of the water body. We have to make sure that the water in the tank circulates about 10 times per hour. The number marked with the pump flow indicates L/h, which is how much water per hour. For example, if your tank has a capacity of 200 liters of water, a pump with 10 times the flow rate should be 2000 liters per hour. The tank water volume is calculated by using the tank’s length and width as well as its height. The unit is in centimeters. The value obtained is divided by one thousand. The result is the number of liters of water in the tank. The algorithm is relatively simple, and then select the appropriate filter according to the liters of the fish tank. Like the bottom filter tank, we also have to calculate the amount of water in the bottom filter tank.

If it’s the filter that comes with the fish tank, it’s actually a very important issue. When we don’t want to change the various filtering equipment of the fish tank, weThe pump manufacturer must select suitable fish for breeding according to the size of the fish tank pump. If the pump flow is too low, when we don’t have the time and energy to replace them, we must reduce the fish density accordingly to keep our beloved fish safe and sound.

Many people only know to choose the pump according to the purchased fish and water body, but do not know the fish tank that has its own pump. We also need to choose the appropriate fish and density to feed them based on the size of the filter system, so this is a lot of new fish as well. The reason friends die so easily in the first place. But don’t they themselves know the cause of death? Fish farming is nothing more than that. The tank is empty, wasting money and making the tank lose its value.

DC work time 20hrs.


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