Chaning Intelligent Multi-Functional Electric(Water Changer,Gravel Cleaner, Water Changing,Filtration ) CN-870



●Using brushless control technology, small volume, high lift and large suction;

●The water changer has multiple functions: washing sand, changing water, adding water, etc.;

●Increase the speed of water exchange, and change the water at low water level;

●With large suction, the garbage left in the fish tank can be easily sucked away;

●Easy to operate, convenient and quick.

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The submersible pump will adjust the flow when it is in use, and there are various adjustment methods.When submersible pump manufacturers choose the adjustment method, they can choose according to the actual use environment, and adjust the flow to an appropriate interval. specific adjustment methodManufacturers of submersible pumps will be introduced in detail below.

1. Speed ​​adjustment

When regulating flow using this method, the required power can be reduced to a minimum and overheating during flow regulation can be eliminated. Steam turbines and internal combustion engines can easily accommodate speed regulation at little additional cost. Speed ​​can be adjusted using a variety of mechanical, electromagnetic, hydraulic transmissions, and DC and AC variable speed motors. Often, variable speed motors are too expensive, and adjustable vane adjustment should only be used when economic studies in special cases justify it. After studying the adjustable guide vanes installed in front of the impeller, it was found that this method is effective for adjusting the pump when the specific speed = 5700 (2.086). The vanes generate positive pre-rotation, which reduces head, flow and efficiency. For blades, only a relatively small adjustment effect can be obtained. Adjustable outlet diffusers have been successfully applied to large energy storage pumps in Europe for power generation. Propeller pumps with variable pitch blades have also been successfully studied. With constant head pressure and relatively small loss of efficiency, a large flow variation range can be obtained. But these methods are too complicated and expensive, so they are greatly limited in practical application.

2. Supplements

Supplementing air to the suction port is also a method of regulating flow. This method can save some power compared to throttling out. Usually, it is not desirable to have air in the liquid being delivered, too much air always runs the risk of the pump losing the fill head. Therefore, except in some cases, this method is rarely used in practice.

For submersible pumps, the above flow adjustment methods can all have better results. When adjusting the traffic in the future, you can refer to the adjustment methods introduced in this article, hoping to bring you practical help.

Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

MODEL CN-870 CN-870
WATT 20W 30W
HMAX 1.6m 2.0m
FMAX 1500L/H 2000L/H
VOLTAGE: 110-240V


Additional information

Size (Upto)

20W, 30W


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